1.  USA Computer control panel
5.  Ozone disinfection system
2.  Heating system
6.  Circulating filtration system
3.  illumination system
7.  Air froth system
4.  massage jet system
8.  DVD and TV


Rated Voltage: AC 220V / 110V
Bottom Lamp Horsepower: 3W
Rated Frequency: LF50HZ/ 60HZ
Product Size: 3200*2200*1150 mm
Control Circuit Voltage: DC12V
Packing Size: 3300*2300*1250 mm
Water Pump Horsepower: 3*3HP+1*0.5HP
Volume: 1.6 Cubic Meter
Heater Horsepower: 3000W

Water pump (3HP):3pcs
2 Step ps ladder: 1set
Water pump (0.5HP):1pcs
Total jets: 141pcs
Air pump(700W): 1pc
3 inch jets: 10pcs
Paper element filter: 1pc
2.5 inch jets: 34pcs
Ozone-sterilization: 1pc
2 inch jets: 62pcs
Heater(3KW): 1pc
Air jets: 35pcs
Switch valve: 1pc
Air valve : 6pcs
32″ waterproof TV
Waterfall with light :1pc
DVD (including DVD box)
Amplifier :1set
LED colorful lamp: 26pcs
Fountain with light: 2pcs
Big LED: 1pc
Heat preservation cover: 1set
Pop-up speaker: 4pcs
Insulation on the tub: 1set
Pillow: 6pcs
Bottom light(3W): 1pc
Plastic hem: 1set
Water pipe & valve: 1batch
Control panel: 1pc
Drain on skirt: 1pc