1.  Heating system
5.  Circulating filtration system
2.  illumination system
6.  Air froth system
3. massage jet system
7.  Computer control panel
4. Ozone disinfection system



Rated Voltage: AC 220V / 110V
Heater Horsepower: 3000W
Rated Frequency: LF50HZ/ 60HZ
Bottom Lamp Horsepower: 3W
Control Circuit Voltage: DC12V
Product Size: 2280 x 2180 x 970 mm
Water Pump Horsepower: 3*2HP
Packing Size: 2400 X 2310 X 1060 mm
Air Pump Horsepower: 700W
Volume: 5.88 Cubic Meter
Water pump(2HP): 3pcs
Total jets: 102pcs
Filter pump(0.5HP):1pc
4 inch jets: 8pcs
Air pump(700W):1pc
2.5 inch jets: 41pcs
Paper element filter:1pc
2 inch jets: 15pcs
USA Ozone-sterilization:1pc
Air jets: 38pcs
USA Heater(3KW):1pc
Bottom light(3W): 1pc
Pillow: 3pcs
Water pipe & valve: 1batch
Plastic hem: 1set
Drain on skirt: 1pc
Control panel:1pc
17” waterproof TV: 1set
DVD (including DVD box):1set
Heat insulation on tub body: 1set
Aroma: 1 set
Small LED light: 20pcs
I phone Box and Amplifier: 1set
Heat insulation on Hem:1set
Pop-up Speaker: 2pcs
Fountain with light: 1set
Tempered glass bottom: 1pc
One more 3KW heater: 1pc
Waterfall with light: 1set
Two-step Luxury PS Ladder: 1pc
Two-step Classic PS Ladder: 1pc
Kickstand of cover: 1pc
Plastic Rotatable Bar: 1pc
Handle: 1pc
PS Stool: 1pc